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Anti - Rabies Vaccination Drive for Stray Dogs

We organize Anti Rabies Vaccination drive for your loved once by WASA Organization.


Volunteering with WASA

We appreciate all the help we can get from like-minded people who want to work with us. Which is why we have carefully curated a programme which has multiple options for everyone who wants to give their time for this cause.
One of our team members will take the time to understand what you can help us with. Volunteer work is divided into hands-on work with animals as well as doing odd-jobs around the Centre, e.g. helping us organise stores etc. We advise you to complete your anti-rabies vaccinations at least 1 month before coming to volunteer, especially if you are going to be regularly involved with volunteering with animals at WASA. If you are vaccinated, we can engage you in activities which involve helping in treatment of animals, socialising and dog interaction

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Adoption Drive

We have small puppies, dogs, cat and kittens for adoption. 
For adoption - 9970352523

For treatment, feeding, care and to improve our services; we needs donation. 

You can DONATE -  

(FEEDING) Dog Food, Cat food, Cattle feed, Eggs, Dog Biscuits, Wheat flour, Rice, Milk, Curd, Chicken, Fruits, Veggies. Coconut/soya oil.

(INSTRUMENT) Treatment Table, Veterinary Medicine, Medicinal Rack, Cupboard, Dustbins, Floor cleaning material, Sofa set, Table, Chairs, Beds, Blankets, Dog Cage, Cat Cage, Bird Cage.

(ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES) - Cooler, Mixer, Gas shegadi, Refrigerator, Ceiling fans, Lights, Wire, Laptops, Camera, Computer, Printer, Scanner, CCTV Camera, etc.

Most Important thing we need for Animals rescue is "ANIMALS AMBULANCE" which cost near by 5.50lakhs. 
For online Donation - 9970351512
For Collection - 9970352523

Donation for WASA

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We rescues distress animals from residential area. 
We provide - Snake Rescue Service, Technical Rescue Service, Cattle Rescue Service
For Rescue - 9970352523, 9595360756

Animals Rescue Services


Quality Veterinary Treatment Service

We provide quality veterinary treatment to every orphan, abandoned stray and wild animals.
Your donation of 500₹ can save a life of injured one. To make online DONATION : Google Pay, Phone Pay 9970351512

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#YesWeFeed एक घास मुक्या जिवा साठी..

We are feeding every Hungary stray soul on the road of amravati. In this crisis, make sure that not a single speechless creatures go hungry from your home . We provide them feed from your donation. Your 50₹ donation can helps them to get a proper feed at a day. For Online Donation - 9970351512

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