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Image by Andrew Coelho

How We Work

  • Our Animals rescue help line number 99703525239595360756 has been listed on various public forums with a request to call in case of animal emergency. Upon receiving a call team leader requests the caller to send details (name of the person, place, animal, incidence etc.) on WhatsApp. He also asks for photographs occasionally to assess the condition of the animal.

  • Calls are prioritized according to the status of emergency. Rescue team  goes to the rescue or sends some other member who is nearby the location. If it is not urgent, we schedules the call which is attended later in the day. Calls received late night are scheduled for the next day. The same procedure is followed about snake rescue calls. However they are attended promptly as there is risk involved for both, the humans and the snake.

  • Our rescue helpline number receive rescue calls for wild animals and dogs, cows and other stray animals every day.

  • After rescue, WASA team releases the rescued animals in the nearest natural habitat almost immediately. However, sometimes the animals sustain a severe trauma and injuries. In such situations, they need to be given treatment and kept in a center for few days. Though the team doesn’t have any resources to build and maintain a well equipped rescue centre, they have built a temporary rescue center to save animal lives.

  • The centre is located at Amravati. The center was started four years ago and in this short span of time, over 240 animals have been treated and rehabilitated here.

  • WASA team also coordinates with veterinary doctors in and beyond Amravati for treatment the rescued animals. If the injuries are grave, they also take the animal for surgery to veterinarians in Amravati and sometimes even to Akola veterinary College.

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