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WASA also organizes various programs for school children throughout the year. They mainly include festivals like Nag Panchami, Raksha Bandhan and World Snake Day, World Sparrow Day, Wildlife Week. On the same line, seminars, wildlife photo exhibition and painting, color filling, face painting competitions are held for college and school students.

WASA team goes from village to village conducting awareness programs about wildlife conservation, indigenous tree plantation, cleanliness, open defecation free village etc. Street plays are quite often performed for the same purposes. Members wear Sari in these plays and sometimes, become even a transgender to draw people’s attention. Jungle safari and bird watching excursions are organized for children of all ages.

WASA members also work informally with the local government veterinary hospital  and local Vets to provide prompt treatment to the rescued animals. Treatment costs and food are often volunteered by well-wishers.

  • Every Life Matter To Us

  • Providing Quality Medical Treatment

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  • Technical Rescues


  • Every year during Wildlife Week, nature conservation workshops are organized for school kids and college students at Amravati Forest Department’s Chetana Bhavan. A photo exhibition of wild animals, birds, snakes, tree and insects is also organized at least once a year.  Students and citizens participate in these activities in a large numbers.

  • Besides this our initiatives include, nature painting competition, bird watching, seed collection drive, plastic free society initiative, organic farming workshop, workshop on preparation of natural colors for Holi, workshop on making bird nests and Gram Swachhata etc.

Education Jungle Tour
  • Educational Jungle Tour

Geographical Area of Work

  • WASA operates primarily in the city of Amravati and extends its services to the surrounding villages. Rescue calls in the radius of 40-50 km of these villages are also attended by the rescuers.

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Our Dream

We need to build a well equipped rescue centre near the city of Amravati to be able to provide proper treatment and care to the animals.  We also need two well equipped ambulances to carry the animals to the centre.

The purpose of setting up a rescue center : 

An animal rescue centre operated by trained animal rescuers and para-veterinarians of WASA won’t only save the wild and stray animals rescued from in and around Amravati, but it will also help the citizens in number of ways. We list a few of the benefits of the center below:          

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  1. Rabies free City

  2. Sterilization of all types of animals

  3. Termination of animal dermatitis

  4. Increased efforts to minimize road kills of animals and human-animal accidents

  5. Reducing human-animal conflict

  6. Proper management of stray animals.

  7. Better animal adoption process

  8. Timely medical assistance to all animals in need

" Shri Gorakshan Veterinary Hospital and WASA Animals Rescue Center " 
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