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About WASA

WASA was formed in the year 2008 in Amravati, Maharashtra by Shubham and his friends began the work as snake  rescuers. While rescuing snakes for few months we realized that it is also necessary to rescue and care for other injured wild animals like monkey, porcupines, deers, bluebulls, antelopes etc. In the year 2013, we legally registered WASA. From 2013 to 2020, 7 audits of the organization have been completed. We have 42 registered members. 12 of them are in rescue team. We have two certified Para-Veterinarian, three well trained dog rescuers, and 7 wildlife rescuers.

WASA provides veterinary medical assistance to injured, helpless, orphaned and disable animals like dogs, cat, cows, buffaloes, goats, horses, pig, donkeys and all other wild animals and birds found in distress in Amravati city. Their expenses of medicine and food are being arranged through public donations. Temporary arrangement of these injured animals was done at Uttamsara village in 30 by 30 feet area.  We ran that centre for the last 3 years for temporary convenience. At present Shri Gorakshan Sanstha has  graciously allowed us to use five acres of land for animal welfare.

The centre at Amravati, where we  saved the lives of 634+ stray dogs, cats, horses, monkeys, snakes, pythons, deer, antelopes, peacocks, various birds and civet cats. Most of the rescued and treated animals were rehabilitated in their own habitat.

We daily received 12-35 rescue calls from various parts of the city. Veterinary medical help is provided by our organization by attending  to each of these rescue calls. But due to lack of proper animals treatment facilities in Amravati city, many people are leaving their pets injured on streets. As soon as we get information about such animals, we rescue, treat and rehab them. Trauma cases have to be taken to other cities like Akola (Maharashtra) and Paratvada (Maharashtra) for surgery.

Now our work is increasing day by day. Calls are coming from all over the city for medical treatment of dogs, cats, cows and similar animals injured in large number in accidents. We have decided to build a well-equipped “Shri Gorakshan Veterinary Hospital and WASA Animals Rescue Centre” at the space we currently use. We are confident that with your help, the centre will be successfully run. At the same time, every injured animal on the road will be treated properly.

Image by Andrew Coelho

Meet Our Team

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